Core program

Partnership program


Part of the third phase of AMAN's core program "Promoting integrity, transparency and accountability in the Palestinian society" consists in the allocation of funds to Palestinian NGOs working in the OPT. These funds were made available through AMAN's core fund, which is provided by the governments of Norway and the Netherlands.

This program is the first of its kind for the AMAN Coalition. It aims at encouraging Palestinian NGOs to adopt initiatives and activities in the area of good governance and the fight against corruption and strives to promote the values of integrity, transparency and accountability in the Palestinian society. In addition to this, the program focuses on the promotion and dissemination of a culture of non-tolerance towards corruption. AMAN was initially entrusted this grant based on its commitment to these rules as essential components of good governance since its establishment in 2000 precisely in the purpose of working towards a national integrity system in Palestine.

Outsourcing program Description

In order to raise the capacity of civil society organizations (in particular NGOs) to act as watchdogs on the public sector, AMAN has planned to outsource part of its program fund to encourage NGOs to submit proposals on themes handling methods to minimize the impact of corruption on marginalized groups and organizing awareness-raising campaigns about the various forms of corruption and its impact on the Palestinian Society.

The notion behind the outsourcing strategy is to stimulate local partners and channel them in the direction of AMAN’s mission, in hopes of encouraging them to incorporate anti-corruption activities in their programs and mandates. This will enhance the capacity of these organizations and spread the anti-corruption culture and practices amongst the Palestinian people, which is AMAN's main goal. 

Outsourcing will serve AMAN’s new approach that will be adopted and followed during this phase; it will release part of the load pertaining to awareness raising activities and channel it to partner organizations. Thus, AMAN’s role will move to a higher level of monitoring and directing of the overall process. Throughout this process, AMAN will focus on building the capacity of the NGOs in the direction of accountability and transparency as well as pressuring the PNA and public institutions to be more responsive to transparency and accountability through the implementation of relevant legislations, policies and bylaws.

Local partners will be selected to implement the outsourced activities. Such partnerships are scheduled to take place throughout 2009 and estimated to start in late March and the beginning of April 2009, and will last for a period of eight months. Financial and technical reports will be submitted to AMAN, as will be agreed in the joint contracts. AMAN’s team will assume the responsibility of monitoring and evaluating the implemented activities.