Velstinon Parliamentarians Against Corruption

"Palestinian Parliamentarians Against Corruption" is the national chapter of Arab Region Parliamentarians Against Corruption (ARPAC) - the Arab Chapter of GOPAC. It was established in Beirut in November 2004 during a meeting entitled "Parliamentarians against Corruption: Improving Transparency and Accountability in the Arab Region." This meeting was attended by 40 Parliamentarians representing the parliaments of eleven countries: Jordan, Bahrain, Algeria, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Palestine, Kuwait, Egypt, Morocco, Yemen and Lebanon.


ARPAC’s main objectives consist of encouraging the founding members to establish national chapters, persuading national chapters to build coalitions with the media, civil society movements and academics, and calling on the Arab governments to ratify the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC). In addition, ARPAC arranges national and regional workshops to promote methods to fight corruption and to build the capacity of members of Arab parliaments to be better equipped to fight corruption and to promote transparency and accountability in the Arab region.



  • Activity Report for 2018
  • Annual Opinion Poll on the Reality of Corruption and Anti-Corruption Efforts in Palestine
  • State of Integrity and Combating Corruption 2018
  • Country Review Report of the state of Palestine on the implementation of Chapters II and ...
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