"The State of Integrity in The Palestinian Security Sector"
الخميس | 31/10/2019 - 02:02 PM

Invitation for a Conference
"The State of Integrity in The Palestinian Security Sector"

The Civil forum for Enhancing Good Governance in The Security Sector (CFGGS) solemnly believes in the vital role the security establishment plays in maintaining security and safety of the homeland and citizens and promoting the rule of law, which requires constant work to strengthen the system of integrity, transparency and accountability in the work of the security institutions, as well as activating social accountability. Thus, the CFGGS has the pleasure to invite you to its “Second Annual Conference” for the year 2019, on "The State of Integrity in The Palestinian Security Sector"

Venue: The Palestinian Red Crescent Hall, Al-Quds Street, Al-Bireh
Date & Time: Thursday, 7 November 2019 from 9:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

The purpose of this conference is to showcase, for the first time, the results of the Integrity Index which was developed by the Civic Forum to provide a periodic description on the state of the integrity in the Palestinian security sector. Several papers produced by the forum on issues pertinent to security sector governance will be also discussed during the conference.

Eventually, the conference aims to come up with recommendations that can be adopted and implemented by the Palestinian government, and agreed upon by all concerned parties, grounded on professionalism, integrity, transparency, and accountability.

Kindly use the following link for registration:
https: https://forms.gle/kyV4ph4PCbH676AK9

Or confirm your attendance by calling: 02-2974949 or through email: [email protected]


Second Annual Conference 7th of November 2019

“State of integrity in The Palestinian Security Sector”
Conference Agenda








Opening speech

Forum Representative: Dr. Omar Rahhal, (SHAMS).

Mr. Yousef Harb, Deputy Minister of Interior.


First session:


Integrity Index in the Palestinian Security Sector.





Mr. Mo’en Barghouti, Director of the Institute of Law at Birzeit University, Forum member.

Report Presented By:

Mr. Jehad Harb, Researcher



  • Brigadier General D.Raed Amayreh, Military  Judiciary Commission.
  • Colonel Ihsan Hamayel, Ministry of Interior.
  • Dr. Hamdi Khawaja, Anti-Corruption Commission.
  • Mr. Shawan Jabarin, Al-Haq.






General Discussion


Coffee break









Issues under spotlight

 Paper (1): Security Sector Budget Allocation in the Palestinian Public Budget



 Paper (2): The Issue of Distribution of Ranks to Palestinian Security Personnel


Mr. Mosa Abu Dham, Independent Commission for Human Rights. Forum member.


Paper (1) Presented By:

 Mr.Naser Ewidat, (Aman).

Paper (2) Presented By:

 Mr. Alaa’ Lahlouh, Researcher.




  • Colonel Ahmad Al-Othmani, Organization and Administration Commission) OAC)
  • Captain Mohammed Al Madani, Military Financial Administration (CFA).
  • Mr. Samer Abu Qaraa, State Audit and Administrative Control Bureau (SAACB).
  • Dr. Nasr Abdel Karim, Researcher and Expert.


General Discussion




  • Activity Report for 2018
  • Annual Opinion Poll on the Reality of Corruption and Anti-Corruption Efforts in Palestine
  • State of Integrity and Combating Corruption 2018
  • Country Review Report of the state of Palestine on the implementation of Chapters II and ...
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