2017 Activities

AMAN Coalition Targets NGO Work Strategies

AMAN Coalition Targets NGO Work Strategies

The Coalition for Accountability and Integrity – AMAN in cooperation with the National Council
for Development NCD, held a workshop on the mechanisms of integrating anti-corruption
concepts into the work programs of civil institutions in the headquarters of the National Council
for Development in Hebron targeting dozens of NGOs working in the governorate.

The workshop was opened by the Director of the Raising awareness unit at AMAN, Ms. Lana
Tawasha, the importance of strengthening the efforts of civil society organizations and
mobilizing their energies to address the phenomenon of corruption and accountability for the
management of public affairs and money, especially in the absence of the PLC supervision.
For his part, Majdi al-Muhtasib, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Council for
Development emphasized the need to include the principles of good governance in the work of
civil institutions to be able to implement its monitoring role and protect it from any charges
directed at civil society institutions.

In the course of the workshop, AMAN's Operations Manager, Issam Haj Hussain, presented a
detailed explanation of the concept of corruption, its forms and mechanisms of combating it,
the mechanisms of incorporating the values of integrity, principles of transparency and
accountability systems in the work procedures of civil institutions, as well as the identification
of community accountability tools to enable NGOs to carry out the supervisory role entrusted
to them.

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