Board of Directors

Dr. Azmi Shuaibi

Consultant to AMAN's Board of Directors 

Dr. Shuaibi is an Anti-corruption activist, he has supervised on several integrity and anti-corruption reports, moreover, he is the establisher of the Transparency Palestine AMAN year 2000, as a general commissioner and now serving as the Advisor to AMAN’s Board members, and representative of TI Palestine in Transparency International.

As a reformist, Dr. Shuaibi has contributed in many national reforms reports as a legislator in the Palestinian Legislative Council years 1996-2005.
Moreover, he is an expert in the field of good governance, as Commissioner at the Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights and a board member of Arab Parliamentarians against Corruption and he is a former Minister of Sport and youth in the first Palestinian Cabinet years 1994-1996.

Tel: +97222974949

Fax: +97222974948

Email: [email protected]

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