Board of Directors

Waleed Al Hammami

 Dr.Walid Khalil Ibrahim Al-Hamami- Individual Member

Originally from Jaffa and resides in Gaza. He hold Bachelor's degree in law and politics ( Baghdad University – 1968,  Master's degree in political science ( University of Warsaw – 1974), and  PHD in Public Law ( University of Bucharest – 1981).  Al-Hamami served as an Advisor to the Palestinian Embassy in Romania 1974-1982. He was then a lecturer at the University of Bel Abbas in Algeria (1982-1995). From 1995-2008 he was acting as a legal advisor to the National Security Command and appointed as a University Professor at al  Al-AQSA  and Gaza Universities and Al-AQSA Community College from 1988-2012. He retired form the Palestinian Authority March 2008.


Asset Disclosure Doucment- Dr.Walid Al-Hamami 

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